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The Bilderberg conference is an annual, unaccountable, off-the-record summit attended by royalty, politicians, intelligence, Big Pharma, tech, banking and corporate CEOs plus policy-makers and media moguls from all over the world. The press are not invited, nor given any details beyond a participant list and a sketchy agenda.

The group was established in 1952. Their first conference took place in 1954, taking its name from the Hotel De Bilderberg which hosted the first meeting.

The group is run by a Steering Committee (which is the Bilderberg Group proper). The Bilderberg Group’s own websiteis incorrect as it maintains that the conference is the group’s only activity through-out the year, when in fact the 39-strong Steering Committee meets four times a year. Minster of Justice Kenneth Clarke has been a member of the steering committee since at least 1998.


Bilderberg is crony capitalism in action. It is, essentially, a massive, unaccountable lobbying event for the global financial elite. These power-elite meetings are highly secretive and are potentially used to steer geo-political policy as well as influencing global aspects of finance, environment, military and defense.

Corporations whose CEOs or chairmen attend include: Dow Chemicals, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Axa, Rio Tinto, Nestle, EEADs, Vodafone, IBM, Novartis, Bayer, Roche, Nokia, Unilever PLC, Microsoft, Siemens, PetroChina, Manifest Energy, Rolls Royce, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, Exxon-Mobil and Zurich insurance

Banks and private equity firms or hedge funds whose CEOs or chairmen attend include: HSBC (Douglas Flint), Goldman Sachs (Peter Sutherland), Citigroup, Caixa bank, JP Morgan, TD Bank Group, Akbank, Bank of Montreal, Deutsche Bank, Santander, Banco BPI, American Express, Morgan Stanley, Eurobank Ergasias, Lazard, KKR, Evercore and Onex.

New Media and tech is well represented:

Eric Schmidt of Google, Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman of Linked In, Facebook’s Peter Thiel (founder of Paypal and board member of Facebook) and Craig Mundie, senior advisor to Microsoft have all attended. Thiel and Mundie currently sit on the Bilderberg steering steering committee. Neelie Kroes, commissioner for the EU digital agenda is also a regular.


The Fringe Festival may open on Friday but get thee to The Grove on Thursday afternoon to witness the cavalcade of cars (and helicopters) whisking the delegates to their shadowy weekend retreat. The campsite opens Thursday so you’ll be able to pitch-up then congregate at the gates for some Bilderberg Bingo action. Ten points for a CEO, twenty for a Rothschild and fifty for Kissinger. Can you score a Full House? We dare you!

We are running a Photo Competition and will be awarding a prize for the best delegate mugshot so get busy getting creative snapping a Bilderberger. Please send all entries to with PHOTO COMPETITION in the subject box. Deadline is Wednesday 13th June. Good luck!